WYP Aviation on ‘Shark Tank’ Moving Into Final Phase With WingBoards

Richard Branson, Aaron Wypyszynski of WYP Aviation on Shark Tank (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Aaron “Wpy” Wypyszynski is the founder of WYP Aviation, the company that makes the WingBoard — a wakeboard for the sky. After getting his Master’s degree in Aero Engineering from Purdue University, Wyp has been working as a flight test engineer and building WindBoards which he believes is “the next evolution in aerial adventure sports.” On the Season 9 premiere of Shark Tank, Wyp pitches WingBoard to the Sharks including guest Shark Sir Richard Branson of Virgin, who knows a thing or two about aviation. (Virgin as in Virgin Airlines, among others.)

[Richard Branson’s new memoir is titled Finding My Virginity]

You can’t buy a WingBoard yet but you can sign-up for email updates at WYP Aviation. Wyp intends to “shift the idea of destination retail into full-blown RETAILTAINMENT. Families of all ages will be able to learn to ride the wind on our WingBoard in a wind tunnel, just as they would in any other skilled sport like skiing or surfing.” Check out the video below. WYP Aviation reports that they’re moving “into the final phase of or WingBoards.” Shark Tank airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC, right after The Toy Box.

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