Would Trump and his family benefit from tax and health care reform?

Despite the fact that the repeal of Obamacare and all versions of Trumpcare presented were widely unpopular, President Donald Trump continues to boast that he will get repeal and replace done, now early next year. Unless the GOP can come up with a plan that is in sync with the plan Trump promised while campaigning, millions of Americans will be left in far worse situations.

Now Trump is boasting about his incredible tax reform plan, and most of what I see shows huge tax breaks for the wealthy and possibly modest breaks for middle- and lower-income people. Some people would be worse off. Trump has stated that he will not benefit from any of this, but I don’t see how that could not be the case with elimination of the estate tax and alternative minimum tax, rate reductions for the biggest earners and rate breaks for corporations.

I’m beginning to wonder if the main reason Trump wanted to be president was to save himself, his family and his wealthy friends millions in taxes at the expense of the average American. Before anything is voted on, Americans should be informed as to just how much Trump and each member of Congress stand to benefit from tax reform.

— Kathy Krumsee, Chicago


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