Workplaces need to display signs in English and improve their health care and educational systems as a means of increasing their appeal.

I usually find myself in agreement with Kumagai-san but not on this.

English signs probably shouldn’t be a top concern. If your workforce can’t communicate with one another you’re going to struggle I fear. (I remember seeing an English sign on the road down in Shikoku that said we were coming up to “Toon Town”. We were just passing through a place called 東温市, as I recall, so good luck finding Bugs Bunny if you couldn’t read Kanji.)

The biggest draw for me when considering working for any particular employer would be that they have a talented workforce – that is the people that one works with have valuable knowledge and skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with one another. (Is my bar too low? I suspect it might be exceedingly high?)


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