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Will Daines listen to Montanans on health care? | Letters to the Editor

Will Daines listen to Montanans on health care? | Letters to the Editor | billingsgazette.com

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We are coming down to crunch time. Trump wants a win because he needs a win, any win. Sen. Mitch McConnell wants to prove that he is the master tactician and can deliver on that promise to “repeal and replace.” And both of them need Sen. Steve Daines, which leaves the voters of Montana in a perfect position to measure the words and actions of Daines.

When pressed to take a position on the Senate health care bill, Daines has repeatedly said he needs to read the bill and to hear what Montanans have to say before he takes a position. We know he isn’t going to read the bill because he never does, his aides do that for him. So the real question becomes is he actually going to listen to Montanans, the people he was elected to represent and the people whose interests he says he represents?

According to the polls, this health care bill is wildly unpopular, with less than one in four voters supporting it. So, I think it is reasonable to assure that we Montanans poll pretty close to those numbers. I’m guessing, but would assume that constituent letters, e-mails and calls to Daines’ offices are running against this bill just like the polls. So, if this Senate health care bill comes to a vote, the people of Montana will get to see if Daines actually listens to Montanans, the people he claims to represent, or his friends in Washington. I wouldn’t put my bet on Montanans.

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