Where does Pa. rank based on health care quality?

WalletHub recently ranked the 50 states and the District of Columbia on the quality of health care in each.

It based the analysis on 35 measures related to cost of health care, accessibility and health outcomes. These included states’ average monthly health insurance premium, average cost of a doctor visit, physicians and dentists per capita, infant mortality rate, and rates of cancer and heart disease. States were given points in each area, with a score of 100 being the highest possible score.

Pennsylvania is ranked 18th with a score of 59.93. It ranked 14th in cost, 8th in access and 31st in outcomes.

The highest rank state is Hawaii, with a score of 67.36, followed by Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Washington, D.C.

Louisiana was ranked worst, with a score of 38.95, and joined in the bottom five by Mississippi, Alaska, Arkansas and North Carolina.

Pennsylvania has the fourth-highest cancer rate, according to the analysis. Kentucky has the highest.

WalletHub, citing government estimates, says the average American spends nearly $10,000 per year on health care.

Citing an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation, WalletHub noted that the United States continues to be outperformed by several other wealthy nations in areas including health care coverage, life expectancy and health-related quality of life.

But, citing the Kaiser analysis, WalletHub reported, the U.S. has recently progressed in areas including “its ability to promote health and provide high-quality care, with some recent improvement in the accessibility of that care and a slowing of spending growth.”


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