What To Do If You Are Injured In An Automobile Accident

Come on Alabama, let’s go for a ride. I want to talk about three legal advertisements that are absolutely a bad idea.

The first is the idea that someone can steal the title to your home and evict you. The fact is that a person can not sell what they do not own. I could sell you O’Neal Bridge and you would only own the part of it that I own as I do not own any part of O’Neal Bridge, neither would you. There is not a judge in the United States that would allow someone to lose their home over a forged document.

Second, mailbox will kits. There are a number of companies that sell “wills prepared by an attorney” that the consumer fills out to suit their particular needs. Everyone reading this knows that I do not try and sell wills. We charge $50.00 and if you have a charity, I will donate a day to writing free wills for people who will make a donation to your charity. That said, we see mailbox wills that are not valid, and do not and can not accomplish the goals intended by the people trying to make their own wills. People try to do things that are just not valid. We have a case in the office now where the will was not valid and the estate has to be administered without a will, at a much greater cost.

Third, mailbox corporation kits. The ads say “don’t lose everything you have, get a corporation”. We charge about $1,000.00 for a corporation and that includes the corporate seal, the books and the stock. I will not create a corporation unless you have a CPA or a non-seasonal tax service. Corporations require that certain formalities be observed and if they are not observed, then the corporation is not valid and you are exactly as responsible for whatever debt is claimed as you would be without a corporation. We have a case right now where a man had a corporation but did not disclose it and just signed his name. He thought his corporate entity would protect his personal assets. He was wrong.

Buckle up, drive safely and as always your referrals are appreciated!


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