WATCH: Death defying stunts at the Lismore Aviation Expo

WEARING matching bomber jackets with hand-sewn in US Army patches, Lucas and Nathan Kelly prepared well in advance for the Lismore Aviation Expo.

For father and son, the annual show at the Lismore Aviation Centre on Saturday was a chance to see the war machines they appreciate through an aviation memorabilia collection up close.

“This year’s show is awesome, it’s bigger and better organised than last year,” Mr Kelly said.

Lucas, 8, and dad, Nathan Kelly, at the 2017 Lismore Aviation Expo. Alina Rylko

Death-defying stunts by by Paul Bennet Air Shows pulled in huge crowds for displays of the Wolf Pitts Pro, Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger, T28 Trojan and L29 Albatross.

Thrill seekers could take it one step further with a joy flight.

A spin on the L39 Albatross jet cost $1200, while a 5 minute flight on the Robinson R44 – also used as the North Coast’s shark spotting helicopter – was $50.

With its doors pinned back, the Rotorwing Bell UH-1H Huey gave participants the full action movie experience as it roared over Lismore.

Rotorwing Helicopter Pilot James Wiseman said all joy flights sold out.

Rotorwing Helicopter Pilot James Wiseman 2017 Lismore Aviation Expo
Rotorwing Helicopter Pilot James Wiseman 2017 Lismore Aviation Expo Alina Rylko

“Its has been a huge success, we’ve been booked out hours in advance and are more in demand than we expected,” Mr Wiseman said.

Lismore Aviation Expo organisers said on their Facebook page the day concluded earlier than expected after a glider took “a hard landing” but no-one was injured.


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