Volvo Trucks Brief History from the beginning to till now

Volvo trucks are the most iconic sights which are present on the road. However, it has the surprising and exciting history. It is the renowned version in the motoring trade. We can sum up the Volvo trucks history simply by saying it is one among the motoring trade world.

The Beginning

Volvo Trucks are the subgroup of the Volvo Group, and it is the first Volvo Group. Manufacturers first announced this Group to the market during the period 1927. They introduced it from the factory which is Sweden. Manufacturers produced the first truck and named it as the Series 1, and they released it in 1928.

Volvo growth has the evidence throughout the 1930’s. When we compare it with its competitors, it seems that it is the traditional one. However, Volvo speedily attracted the customer’s attention and became the Nordic region leader.The World Stage:

The World Stage

Volvo Trucks after completing eighty years, they started their journey over 130 countries. It has more than 650 dealerships, and it has 1450 dedicated workshops. Volvo is the third largest manufacturers in making the heavy duty trucks. Across the world, it developed nearly nine assembly plants and the local partners owned the eight factories. Within a short period, the small Swedish company modified to the European company. It got associated with both Belgium and with Scotland.

In 1959, the Volvo entered the US market for the first time. Slowly by growing, they were cultured up as the Volvo of American Corporation, and from that stage, they never turned back.

The Evolution

Manufacturers slightly modified the design of Volvo trucks by the end of 1950. But most of the design remains same. They did the modifications mainly on the engines. Volvo older trucks contain the primary pre-chamber combustion diesel engine, and it will take the fuel. After some time, they announced the direct-injection diesel engine which is very efficient.

Finally, the Volvo Trucks are the pioneers to invent the turbo-charged truck engines. These trucks showed a way to build the trucks in a way that they can carry the heavier weights. Meanwhile, the Volvo trucks can bear the weight up to 16 tonnes.

Volvo manufactured them in a way that they can resist the cold and harsh climate. No one can question the strength and reliability of the Volvo Trucks. When the automobile makers integrated them with the Volvo reputation keeping the safety in mind, Volvo becomes the commercial trucks podium.

History of Volvo Trucks

Volvo trucks are very familiar with the truck manufacturing firm globally. It is one among the top largest manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks in the world. The company’s history is very long. Manufacturers started in the late 20s, and they continued its operation till now. From almost one century, it is operating. It is inspiring to hear the history of the Volvo as it has the great impact in the transportation market worldwide. As it is growing continuously, the Volvo company is also leading the market.

First Automobile

When the automobile makers made the first series of Volvo car in 1927, the Hilmer Johansson who is the Sales Manager drove it. He rushed in Volvo through the gates of the company. During this event, the Volvo took its birth. They made the LV series 1 Volvo truck available to the users in 1928 in the market. Even though it is a simple truck, during the summer period, it went for sales over 500 units.

Horse Drawn Wagons

It is essential to remember this that the first trucks are made in the 20s. They are completely varied from the present ones and are less-sophisticated. Meanwhile, the horse-drawn wagons facilitated the better means of transportation when we compare it with the sea and railway transportation.

Within a short period, it stood as the world’s largest manufacturers. It ranked well that it can produce the trucks, buses, and Volvo trucks, parts making equipment.

Bus and Aircraft manufacturing

Volvo Group concentrated mainly on manufacturing the aircraft and bus in the early 50s. They first introduced the first mid-engine bus which they named as B65 in 1951. This bus has the durable nature, and they made the last model regarding this bus in 1964.

Volvo introduced the diesel driven aircraft variants during the same period. These aircraft are familiar, and they had the rating of about 40-50hp. They took off during 1952 and contained the RM5 engine, and they named it as the Lansen aircraft.

Volvo from the 50s to 80s

Volvo continued its journey to manufacture other automobiles after announcing the buses and aircraft. It created the enormous interest to the industry. Volvo delivered the Volvo Viking, Volvo Titan, and Volvo Starke vehicles during 1959. In the 70s, it made the eight F86 new vehicles and other text models. After completion of this test, they unveiled the F86 in the United States. By the arrival of various Volvo truck parts, models and vehicle brands, Volvo history is marked from the 50s to the 80s.

Purchase of White

Volvo company next major event happened in 1981. It bought the certain percentage from the White Motor Corporation. Finally, they changed the name to Volvo White Truck Corporation. Under the company name, the Volvo white is selling the vehicles and Volvo truck parts.

Volvo received some of the assets from the white, and it included the White Western Star manufacturing program. It contains the normal truck part, Road Boss which is the cab-over-engine named it as the Road Commander 2. It has the heavy duty construction car, and they named it as the Autocar DC. They named the cab-over-engine which covers the long distance as the Western Star.

Going to the American Market

The good move for the Volvo company is purchasing the White. Volvo trucks parts got spotted in the United States wide area. A parallel program related to the heavy-duty trucks made it enter the American market apart from the white.

Acquisition of GM

It is the big move which the company took. The company did it in 1986, and it announced the GM Heavy Truck Corporation purchase. Volvo good deal is that it had a large customer base. Within the USA, it contains the extensive dealer network, and it had the strong attention in the Canadian market. It leads to the creation of the Volvo GM Heavy Truck Corporation, and it is the new Volvo company branch.

Within the same year, Volvo won the ‘Truck of the Year’ award. It is the first truck which achieved the title for the three times. For the third time, it won the title for its product which they named FL range.

Volvo in the 90s

Volvo stated that it entered the new alliance to manufacture the Volvo automobile and Volvo truck parts with the help of France Automobile manufacturer. This news acquired enthusiasm but later realised it is the company’s wrong step.

Volvo in the mid-90s first marketed the Volvo GM trucks under the Volvo parts name and Volvo automobile. The company purchased the General Motors in 1997, and they modified the name as Volvo Trucks North America from Volvo GM.

Volvo in the early 21st century

The company achieved the enormous market and wanted to continue and increase it through the several vehicle brand and model introduction. Similarly, it made more firms to raise the manufacturing scope. During this time, the company introduced some products like Volvo VHD, the D16 Engine Volvo parts, Volvo VN and Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology. It reduced the environmental pollution by announcing the new Volvo D series engine parts, and they contain the secondary emissions.

Volvo Group Reorganization

In 2012, it had the latest reorganisation, and with this procedure, the Volvo Trucks stopped from separating. Instead of this, they incorporated with the Volvo truck brands and with Volvo Group Trucks. To comply the European Union environment requirements, the Volvo renewed the truck range for making the engines.

Volvo Today

Early in the 20s, Volvo first introduced the Volvo parts and products. They sold trucks are less sophisticated, and they are the simple replacement for the present means of transportation. However, it evolved significantly and became the major brand especially for the transporting goods.

Volvo took the new approach to manufacture the vehicles for approaching the safe environmental conditions. So, its manufacturing companies and vehicles are improving themselves to build the friendly environment.

At present, Volvo contains nearly 2000 dealers, and they sold them nearly in more than 140 countries. It is a big success that the company has achieved.


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