Volkswagen Rule the Road on Instagram to Launch All-New 2018 Tiguan

Volkswagen (the American division) released its “VW Rule the Road” in the form of an “Instagrammathon”. This was all in accordance to its stated plans since it tied up with the launch of the new 2018 Tiguan.

A slogan was also introduced to go along with the campaign. It went something like this: “The New King of the Concrete Jungle”. The sort of urban complexity this slogan addresses shows us that culture too can be a kind of second nature.

Among the details of this campaign are a blow-up gorilla, an actress who is the driver and the Tiguan that speeds along through the highways and byways of the city.

For a period of three weeks, the loyal fans of the car will get to chase this whizzing vehicle (vicariously of course) and win tons of prizes on a daily basis.

A clue will appear online each day to guide the puzzled aficionados in their car hunt. The enthusiasts will have to find the Tiguan hidden behind a pile of tiles. That is via a carousel feature. 

While many Tiguan models will be displayed, only one will be the genuine article. When an avid VW fan finds a real Tiguan, he or she takes a photograph of it and text messages it to a specific site in order to claim the prize.

Also he or she will get a chance to enter a contest where a grand prize awaits the participants. The grand prize is a ten day stay in San Francisco, Miami and New York. This is an ideal method of allowing the fans of the car to indulge their wishes for owning the car beforehand in a benign and reasonable way.

As for Instagram, it will be the platform that will be the mediator in this campaign for the 2018 Tiguan SUV launch. Three ads have appeared on television regarding this vehicle. A car, a city with a network of roads and a tank full of fuel is all a driver needs to race the Tiguan down the path of pleasure.

VW wants to take giant steps and push the envelope at every stage of its journey as a quality brand. The urban landscape and mindscape pulsates with throbbing energy as this car takes to the streets in a bid to survive for the sake of survival.

The Tiguan is a model car and it will have many features which will please the buyers. For now, those impressed by it can participate in the “Instagrammathon” and win loads of prizes.


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