Vijayawada, India set for scheduled int’l pax ops

Vijayawada International Airport, in India’s Andhra Pradesh Capital Region, may soon launch scheduled international passenger flights, with government officials apparently in talks with Siva Air (Chennai) and Emirates (EK, Dubai Int’l), reports The Times of India. Additionally, The Hindu reports that Scoot (TR, Singapore Changi) may also be interested. Connections would then be available to Singapore Changi and Dubai Int’l, pending civil aviation authority approval.

However, the airport director, G. Madhushudhana Rao, said that nothing is official yet.

“We have no concrete information or communication from the airline so far. Also, we have not received any request for slots or any other permission yet,” Rao said.

The airport at Vijayawada was designated international in May 2017, and additional work is being carried out to build a new 31,000 square metre terminal. Approval was recently granted to extend the runway from 2286 metres to 3360 metres, allowing for larger aircraft. Vijayawada currently has a weekly capacity of 9,036 seats, with Air India (AI, Mumbai Int’l), TruJet (TRJ, Hyderabad Int’l), Alliance Air (India) (9I, Mumbai Int’l) and SpiceJet (SG, Delhi Int’l) providing domestic services.

Domestic cargo services are due to start at the airport in September.


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