US can’t have good health care with huge military

The only plan that is workable that will meet the health needs of every American is the type of health plan that was implemented by France and New Zealand.

New Zealand has a single health plan that is heavily subsidized by the government. All citizens of New Zealand are covered. Non-citizens have to get their health insurance from their own country. Those applying for citizenship can buy into the country’s health plan only partially until they become citizens.

The New Zealand and France single-payer health plans cover every citizen at an affordable rate, which is heavily subsidized by the government through taxes.

The U.S. cannot have a good health plan such as New Zealand and France and support a military that has 800 bases in 130 countries and try to be the policement of the world.

Gen. Smedley Butler, a two-time Medal of Honor winner, said “War is a racket.” The bankers and military-industrial complex receive all the profits, and the American people gets the royal shaft. That’s America for you.

Marcel LeRoi



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