United Conservative leadership candidates promise health-care reform

EDMONTON – Two of the leadership candidates for the United Conservatives say they will pursue more private-care options to fix a broken health-care system.

At last night’s leadership debate in Edmonton Jason Kenney said his father died waiting for care, adding that access to a long waiting list is not access to care.

Kenney stated the province needs to pursue more private-care options along with reorganizing the system to get more resources to the front lines.

Doug Schweitzer says the current system needs to decentralize authority, adding that hip and knee surgeries can be provided better at private clinics that would still be under the public-health funding system.

Brian Jean says his adult son died amid confusion and problems in the system and says a wholesale reorganization is needed to reduce the levels of management and improve service.

Jeff Callaway is also pushing for a reorganization, saying the system is flawed because it has been politicized and doesn’t always focus on outcomes.

The party will pick a new leader on October 28th.

(The Canadian Press) 


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