Unifor fighting to save FCA from outsourcing jobs – Windsor

Unifor Local 444 is looking for “cost-saving measures” to keep the close to 300 Fiat Chrysler Automobile transportation jobs from being outsourced.

Union members met early Sunday morning to learn more about the situation. Unifor Local 444 president Dino Chiodo said late Saturday night the company rescinded their letter of intent to outsource jobs by September 24, 2017. 

Chiodo said this gives the union a chance to “come up with some cost-savings measures that will be able to save the department and hopefully maintain the department long term.”

The next step involves putting a committee together from both the trades and transportation division, as well as supportive members from the union. Chiodo said the company will also have a group of their own.

“Almost like a mini set of negotiations to be able to really talk to the issues,” said Chiodo.

He wouldn’t go into details about what the potential savings may be.

President Unifor 444 Dino Chiodo speaks to the media about the Sunday morning meeting the union held with local auto workers. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

“We’ve got some ideas that we might be able to spell out that don’t negatively impact any of our employees,” Chiodo said.

The union said that means transportation workers would not have to go back to working on the assembly line or being laid off. 

Chiodo said Monday morning their committee will discuss what the potential initiative will look like. In the afternoon they will meet with FCA to go over a presentation they have for them.

Chiodo said they will then take a week to go over ideas before providing their list to the company by August 18. 

“They can either agree that we are where we need to be competitive and maintain the department or they need to reissue the letter,” he said.

This issue will be handed by Chiodo, even as his new position as the auto director for Unifor begins tomorrow. He said the job has him overseeing everything that happens at the Windsor assembly plant.

Chiodo said he will be assigned out of the Windsor office with a satellite office in London. So far Unifor has not decided who will fill his old position.


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