Ukrautoprom: Ukraine’s automobile production shows positive growth

Ukraine’s automobile factories manufactured 742 vehicles in August 2017, which is 116% more compared with the same period last year, the press service of the Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association Ukrautoprom reports.

Thus, according to the data provided by the association, Ukrainian automobile factories manufactured 742 vehicles, which is 116% more compared with August 2016, and 45% more than in July 2017.

In particular, a total of 642 cars were manufacture in August 2017, which is 58% more compared with July 2017, and 108% more compared with August 2016.

Also, in August 2017, 68 buses were manufactured, which is 17% higher than the figures in July 2017, and 94% higher than in August 2016.

The output of trucks amounted to 32, which is one third less than in July 2017.

In general, over January-August 2017, Ukraine manufactured 4,874 vehicles, which is 74% higher compared with the figures in 2016.



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