U.S. Marines Order All Aircraft Grounded for 24 Hours

The U.S. Marine Corps on Saturday announced a 24-hour grounding of all aircraft after two fatal crashes in recent weeks. “Gen. Robert B. Neller, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, directed U.S. Marine Corps aviation units to conduct an operational reset for a 24 hour-period where no flight operations will take place but no operational commitments will be impacted,” the Marine Corps said in a statement. To prevent any disruptions to operations, the aircraft will not all be grounded at the same time; each unit commander will have a two-week period in which to take an operational pause. The Marines have suffered two fatal aviation incidents in recent weeks, with three servicemen killed in a crash off the coast of Australia last week and 16, including a Navy Corpsman, killed in a similar incident in Mississippi last month.


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