Tuskegee Airmen to launch aviation program for Cincinnati’s inner-city youth – Insider

CINCINNATI — Marvin Bryce Sr. figures if he can open up the skies for inner-city youth, he can open up their whole worlds.

That’s why he’s excited to be launching the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen’s new aviation program for inner-city youth. 

An anonymous donor gave the local chapter $10,000 for the program. Bryce is serving as the chapter’s youth aviation director and expects to have the program up and running in the coming weeks.

The goal is to start working with a dozen or so young people to teach them what they need to know to fly a plane or pursue another career in aviation. Even if the kids decide aviation isn’t for them, Bryce said the program will show them that there are opportunities in life beyond what they see in their neighborhoods.

“So they can understand that there’s more to life,” said Bryce, the founder of Kingdom IT Solutions, an IT services company, and president of Soaring Spirits Aviation, a nonprofit ministry that he started to transport sick and dying patients to medical facilities free-of-charge. “If they don’t know they can achieve, they will never reach for it.”

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A member of the local Tuskegee Airmen chapter for the past several years, Bryce is the right person to lead the new effort, said James Shaw, the chapter’s president.

“He has the training, and he’s a pilot. That’s a great asset for our chapter,” Shaw said. “And he knows a lot of other aviation people in this city.”

He’s also passionate about the program’s broader mission.

“I want them to know who they are as people and that you are who you say you are and not what other people say you are,” said Bryce, who also is a minister. “All things are possible if you just put your heart into it.”

More information about the youth aviation program will be on the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen’s website. Those interested in donating to the effort and parents or guardians who want more information for their children can email Marvin Bryce at marvin.bryce@gcctai.org. 

Insiders can read more about how the Tuskeege Airmen will use the donation and what Bryce and other members of the local chapter hope to accomplish with the young people that participate. 


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