The Public Pulse: Two easy health care fixes that the GOP should embrace | Opinion

It’s getting tiresome listening to people whine about Obamacare. To try to repeal and replace Obamacare was probably more foolhardy than the Democrats were when they passed it. The whole problem was never defined and rationally articulated. High medical costs were supposed to be addressed but never were. In my years of dealing with doctors, I have seen that two of their biggest expenses are malpractice insurance and the repayment of their medical school loans.

Two things could have been addressed to reduce medical costs:

» Pass tort reform to put a cap on awards by juries and cap the amount attorneys get. This could be done simply by instituting the “English Rule” (which would make the loser of a lawsuit pay the winner’s attorney’s fees and make the damages only compensatory).

» Do something about the costs of medical school.

The only reason I can guess that this was never talked about by the Democrats when they were writing the Affordable Care Act is many of them are lawyers or get large contributions from the legal profession.

Unfortunately, the Republicans are lining up to make the same mistakes. Maybe they really do not care about the country and their constituents.


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