The Public Pulse: Health care is a maze of misery | Opinion

Why is health care such a problem? It is a bottomless pit. The definition of “health care” varies greatly from person to person. Some think that it means only doctor and hospital encounters or medications.

But many consider it means a host of additional things. For instance, food and drink are necessary for health, hence free lunches might be included. One needs shelter from the elements to be healthy, therefore, housing and clothing could be considered health care.

Most of us agree that the truly needy should have reasonable health care, even if they cannot afford to pay for it. But how? Medicaid is not insurance, it is welfare.

This leaves voluntary charity or forced charity (taxes) to cover it. Socialized medicine is beginning to look better. Medicare works pretty well, but remember that it covers mostly the elderly. Add younger customers, and rationing may become necessary because of costs.

Also, insurance companies do not want to be left out of the economics. Complicated forms, premiums, deductibles and paperwork are their bread-and-butter.

Our politicians have made health care so complicated that many of us would beg for expanded Medicare as a solution.


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