The Audrain Automobile Museum 2017 Gala in Newport, Rhode Island

The setting might have been Ochre Court in Newport, Rhode Island, but it just as easily could have been West Egg in Fitzgerald’s world of Gatsby. The Audrain Automobile Museum hosted their annual gala where keynote speakers — and gear heads, Jay Leno and Ken Gross chatted in elegant attire on the appeal of four wheels. “I think about getting more young people involved in the hobby,” said Leno, who hosts his own show on CNBC, Jay Leno’s Garage. “When I go to car shows, there are all these signs that say, ‘do not approach this car unless you’re naked,’” added Leno with a laugh. And given the fleet on the grounds, guests including Museum co-founder William Kahane with wife Elizabeth, and son Harry peered at the impressive collection which included iconic designs from Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. But Leno, dialed through the shiny sheet metal and summed it up best. “The [Ford] Model T was the iPhone of its time.”


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