Taylor police offer 6 tips to avoid larceny from automobiles | Police/Fire

Over the last two month the Taylor Police Department has seen a sharp rise in the number of larceny from automobile complaints.

North of Wick Road, from Stevens Street to Pelham Road are the heaviest hit areas during that timeframe.

The department is offering the following six tips to help combat the situation.

•Close windows and lock your vehicle anytime you leave it unattended.

•Place valuables you must leave in your car out of sight, preferably in the trunk.

•Park in areas with pedestrian traffic if possible, and avoid dark secluded areas.

•Auto burglar alarms are available. Advertise the fact that you have one if you do (i.e. window decals).

•Stereos, CB radios, cellular phones (prime targets) should be out of sight when parked. Locking gas caps should be installed to prevent theft or vandalism.

•Do not hesitate to report suspicious persons in or around parked vehicles.

More information can be found at cityoftaylor.com/police. or at crimemapping.com.


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