State Department of Health Releases List of Suspended and Revoked Health Care Providers – Centralia Chronicle

The Washington State Department of Health recently released a list of at least 41 health care professionals from around the state who had their licenses suspended or revoked in the past year due to various infractions. 

Regionally, health care workers were reprimanded in Thurston, Pierce and Clark counties.

There were three actions take in Thurston County.

In November of 2015, Michelle Lynn Davis, also known as Michelle McGlothlin, had her certified nursing assistant and medical assistant-phlebotomist credentials suspended for two years by the secretary of health. Davis agreed to a continuance in criminal court on charges of driving while intoxicated, malicious mischief, domestic violence and simple assault.

In June 2016, William M. Conley had his registered nursing assistant credential suspended by the secretary of health for at least 18 months after Conley yelled at and grabbed a vulnerable resident of a group home.

Also in the month of June, Teresa Sue Congdon had her registered nursing assistant credential suspended by the secretary  of health for at least one year after it was found that Congdon falsified patient records and failed to follow a patient’s treatment plan at a nursing facility where she was employed.

In Pierce County, there were seven actions taken against health care workers.

In December of 2015, Dale E. Clark had his chiropractor credential indefinitely suspended by the Chiropractic Commission after Clark failed to comply with an agreement requiring him to complete an ethics program.

In February 2016, John N. Kangu had his registered nursing assistant and certified nursing assistant credentials suspended by the secretary of health for at least two years after it was found that Kangu had allowed another person to use his license and then lied about it.

In April, Maria DeJesus Biggs had her home care aide credential revoked by the secretary of health. 

In 2015, Biggs pleaded guilty to third-degree theft, which disqualified her from being employed as a long-term care worker and home care aide.

In May, Keith David Condict was charged with unprofessional conduct and had his audiologist credential suspended by the Hearing and Speech Board. In 2014, Condict had his Idaho audiologist credential revoked due to fraudulent conduct.

In June, the certified nursing assistant and X-Ray credentials of Tracy A. Powell were suspended by the secretary of health after Powell failed to comply with a series of substance abuse monitoring agreements.

Also in June, Michael Malley had his radiologic technologist credential suspended for at least five years by the secretary of health. 

Both before and after Malley resigned he used another person’s password to take controlled substances from a hospital where he worked.

Again in June, Jane Ann Piercy had her certified nursing assistant credential suspended for at least five years. The suspension stemmed from an incident during which a nursing home client fell and was injured. Afterward, Piercy tested positive for controlled substances for which she held no prescriptions. Piercy then failed to respond to a Department of Health inquiry.  

In Clark County, back in June, the Nursing Commission entered into an agreement with registered nurse Laura A. Flanagan that saw her permanently surrender her credential. Flanagan also surrendered her Oregon nurse license in 2016 and informed the Washington commission that she would no longer practice due to a medical condition.

The Health Systems Quality Assurance Division works with boards, commissions and advisory committees in order to set licensing standards for more than 80 health care professions, ranging from medical doctors to veterinarians. 

Information about health care providers is available on the DOH website at Visitors to the webpage should click on the “How Do I” section for more information. 

The site includes detailed information about the license status of health care workers, including the expiration and renewal date of their credential, disciplinary actions and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. The information is also available by calling (360) 236-4700.

Health care consumers who think their provider has acted unprofessionally are encouraged to report their complaints.


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