Start from scratch on health care and get it right | Letters to the editor

Intrigued by Kathleen Parker’s title “Repeal and regroup” (July 20), I continued to read the opinion piece. I am confused to say the very least with a poll I saw stating that 67 percent of folks are satisfied with Obamacare, and I am wondering who these folks are.

Parker states, “The fact is, Obamacare was never perfect nor should anyone have expected it to be. Today, we have a health care system in pitiful disrepair, as insurance companies opt out of exchanges, premiums continue to climb, and healthy, young people forgo insurance premiums that would have subsidized coverage for unhealthy, older Americans and the less fortunate.” Again, from where do these polling numbers generate?

It seems that we are so used to being disappointed by our lackluster, ineffective, almost incompetent, partisan politicians on both sides who can’t seem to agree on anything and are more concerned about party than people. The Democrats get no slack either; they are much more interested in protecting President Obama’s legacy than doing the right thing.

Sometimes, things cannot be tweaked, fixed or anything else; we need to start from scratch and get it right. Not one Democrat is willing to repeal the Obamacare product, which is a complete failure. Why is this?

Why do we not insist that professional, lay folks take this on? Politicians can’t agree on anything and are too deep into lobbyists pockets’ to have the American people’s best interest in focus. Come on people, let your voices be heard!

Carole Kearns  •  St. Louis County


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