South Florida emerging as U.S. aviation leader | Press Release

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — While NYC and LA are considered the typical hotspots for private aviation in the US, Miami and South Florida are surprising the industry. And it’s not just an improving economy that’s fueling this surge – it’s technology.

Today, most jets are booked by mobile device. It’s a new trend that forecasts the overwhelming preference to convenience and transparency as the truest definition of luxury. (49% phone vs. 44% by computer, 2017).

With heavy digital investment in South Florida and strategic targeting of the well-healed millennial set – more comfortable sizable financial exchanges conducted with an app – South Florida is seeing the largest number of private jet departures than any other State during Q2 of 2017 according to Argus TraqPak. In fact, destinations are far more diverse from the region – reaching well beyond the usual Caribbean suspects to places like D.C., Boston and Nantucket.

Why? Technology that’s driving costs down along with the recognition that convenience, not opulence, is the preferred indulgence.

PrivateFly is another one of those reasons. One of the pioneers of the digital revolution for private jets, PrivateFly is strategically investing in the region. They have seen their overall sales improve 50% – even during a modest period of growth for business aviation (4% YOY.) US sales grew by 88% for the international company.

This week, LABACE (Latin America’s Business Aviation Conference and Event) will forecast continued growth within Brazil – a major connection point to South Florida.

We’d like connect you with Adam Twidell and Carol Cork, Founders of PrivateFly – recognized as the fastest growing air charter company in the US. And for good reason. PrivateFly has tirelessly pursued the “flattening” of a confused aviation market, bringing more democratization to the industry and lower costs to the consumer.

For additional information on South Florida’s burgeoning private aviation industry, and to speak with PrivateFly, please reach out to:, 212.431.1470



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