Sky’s the limit! Dallas’ Girls in Aviation Day welcomes hundreds of future pilots

DALLAS- Girls of all ages hit the Frontiers of Flight Museum for the International Girls in  Aviation to learn that, for them, the sky’s the limit.

“If a man can do it, so can a woman,” said one young lady who attended the event.

Covering everything from reading sectional charts to the physics of flight, these future fliers learned from some of the best in the biz.

“I got my spinning airplane, I colored and I explored,” a girl said.

“They’re learning about the science and technology of aviation, what aerodynamics is,” pilot Janette McMurtrie said.

“They’re learning about the weather, and yes, they have to stay in school and yes, you have to keep learning, so by the time they see what I do, it`s not so scary.

“It made me feel happy,” one girl said, “because I’ve always wanted to see the world from up high.”



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