Sit down and fix health care | Letters To Editor

To the editor — There is an easy solution to the Obama health care program. Since its inception, there have been a lot of issues with various parts of this health care program.

So, the president wants to repeal and replace the Obama health care program with his own agenda. The Obama health care program has good parts that are working, and parts of this program that are not working.

So why not Congress, meaning the House and Senate, sit down and work together, and look at the parts that are not working in Obama health care and find a workable solution for each of the items that are not working? It would be very disappointing to dismantle the whole health care program for another one.

Does anyone know if the president’s health care program would have been any better than the Obama health care program?

Congress needs to find ways to work together and find solutions for the items in Obamacare that are not working effectively.

Everyone in America needs a good affordable health care program that fits individual families alike.


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