Single-Payer seminar at Raven Landing explains option for U.S. health care

Health Care has been a hot topic as of late, and everyone seems to have an opinion.

Residents gathered at Raven Landing Thursday evening to listen to President of the ‘Physicians for a National Health Program’, Doctor Carol Paris, give a seminar on Single Payer health care.

During her presentation, Doctor Paris made it clear that her intentions were not to sway anyone one way or the other, but rather to give them “evidence based facts, to make an informed decision.”

Paris spoke about how Single Payer Health Care would cover all medically necessary care, eliminate co-pays and deductibles, and generate more than 500-billion dollars in administrative savings per year.

“Single payer is a way of financing health care. So when you think about health care, there is the financing of it and then there is the delivery. What a single payer, national health program is, is simply a way of financing health care by putting everyone in a single risk pool. So that is the single payer.”


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