Simple Habit, Locker Board, Sierra Madre Research, WYP Aviation featured in premiere

Are you ready for Simple Habit, Locker Board, Sierra Madre Research, WYP Aviation, and Sir Richard Branson in the Shark Tank season 9 premiere? We certainly hope so. This episode is airing on ABC tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, which is an hour earlier than its standard timeslot. (It will be followed by another episode, making this into a two-hour affair.)

Branson will be joined tonight by a panel including Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec — plus all of the products listed below with our CarterMatt impressions. Be sure to also check out the sneak peeks for every one!

Locker Board – It’s a cool idea to innovate a skateboard so that it can fit within most lockers and backpacks; it’s even cooler that the idea is the creation of a kid. The convenience of the product adds greatly to its appeal, but we do wonder how much appeal there is for this in the first place. Think about it this way: How many people are wandering around school with a skateboard? Maybe it’s been too long since we’ve been a kid, or maybe we just never saw them because skateboards wouldn’t fit in anyone’s locker!

The one other issue we see the product having in getting an investment is price. We like to do something in the Amazon check since consumers will often do the same thing. As of right now you can get normal skateboards for around a third the price on the commerce website.


Sierra Madre Research – We’ll admit that throwing “Research” at the end of the name sounds a little weird for a company. Nonetheless, there’s merit to what is being sold here: Premium camping products, in particular specialty “hammock shelters” that allow you to take hour camping experience off the ground. They keep away rain and insects, and have a good bit of space inside so that you don’t feel entirely cramped. While these are fairly pricey, most quality camping equipment is and this does offer up an alternative for people camping in heavily-forested areas who don’t want to deal with the more unfortunate downsides of being directly on the muddy ground.


Simple Habit – We’re all about the premise of the app and the hope to make meditation all the more accessible to the rest of the world. It’s probably the product in this episode that the majority of the people out there need. Yet, there are some clear drawbacks from a negotiation standpoint, starting with the asking price in the Tank tonight! That is huge, and it’s extremely high-risk / high-reward with these apps from Silicon Valley. There needs to a clear infrastructure for making money in the presentation if there’s any hope for an investment here at all.


WYP Aviation – It feels like some devious Shark Tank producer deliberately set this up so that it would be on a Richard Branson episode — this should appeal to his daredevil spirit since the WingBoard basically an innovation that allows you to “surf” through the sky. It’s in the early stages of production still, but we do understand how it could be a whole lot of fun for people who love skydiving and other high-octane things in the air. It’s just not for us, and we can’t even say yet what the price of it will be.


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