Sheriff’s Aviation Performs Hoist Rescue in Morton Canyon

Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2017 9:42 am

Sheriff’s Aviation Performs Hoist Rescue in Morton Canyon

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, Trevor Hook and a friend went for a day hike in Morton Canyon near Yucaipa. At some point, Hook and his friend became separated as they hiked down the ridge. Darkness fell and Hook was no longer able to see the trail. As Hook climbed down the canyon, he fell into a drainage. The terrain was steep and Hook was not able to move without falling further. Hook called 911 and requested assistance.

Sheriff’s Aviation was requested to assist in locating Hook for responding deputies. The crew, Deputy Peppler and Deputy Heard, located Hook and relayed the information to deputies on the ground. They determined Hook would need to be lowered by rescue personnel with the use of ropes.

Deputy Franklin responded to the location and began coordinating the rescue effort. He determined a technical rope rescue operation needed to be performed and dispatched several personnel. The team was able to locate Hook and determined the operation would take several hours. Due to the complexity of the operation, and the time required to complete, Deputy Franklin decided a hoist rescue was needed for the safety of personnel involved. Due to the darkness and poor visibility, Deputy Franklin requested a helicopter respond at dawn.

Sheriff’s Air Rescue 06, with Sergeant Gilley, Sergeant Futscher and Flight Nurse Centeno, responded to the location at approximately 7:30 am. Centeno was lowered to Hook using the rescue hoist. Hook was placed into a rescue harness and raised into the helicopter, followed by Centeno. Hook was transported a short distance away to Deputy Franklin with non-life threatening injuries.


Saturday, September 16, 2017 9:42 am.


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