Sen. Moran talks health care at town hall

Topeka, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran (R) held a town hall meeting at the Topeka American Legion Post #1 Friday afternoon.

It was part of his “listening tour.” Sen. Moran travels to each of Kansas’ 105 counties to meet with the people he represents.

During the town hall he pulled audience questions written on note cards from a bowl. He also took questions directly from the people there.

One of the questions asked if he thought there was a bi-partisan solution to health care. He said he wants to find a way to keep the things that are beneficial about the Affordable Care Act while eliminating things like higher premiums, co-payments and deductibles.

One person in the audience called out “single payer,” which garnered audience applause.

Sen. Moran said he has a list of ten things that cause health care costs to rise.

“We ought to be looking at how do you reduce the health care costs, the unnecessary things that government and others do, in regards to health care that drive up the costs that aren’t needed,” Sen. Moran said.

He said making health care more affordable should be a bi-partisan priority.

“Those are things we should be talking about before we go down the path of Medicare for all,” he said.

Deborah Jarboe went to the town hall to hear Sen. Moran’s views about health care. She said she was glad he meets with his constituents.

“Even though I call and I write, you don’t know how much of that actually gets to the senator,” Jarboe said. “I think it’s really important that he face his constituents in a more personal venue.”

One comment card read “President Trump is trying to do his best,” and Sen. Moran’s criticism of President Trump “is not helpful to his agenda.” The card received loud boos from the audience.

Sen. Moran said the comment was about his critique of the way the president responded to the recent white supremacist demonstration and protest in Charlottesville. He said he thinks “people of goodwill, people of moral, people who care about the future of our country” should denounce hateful speech.

Among other things, he said he wants to keep Washington D.C. from making decisions for Kansas schools and that people give the president’s cabinet picks the benefit of the doubt before questioning their qualifications.


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