Security officials cordon off cargo terminal of Delhi airport, doubting suspicious material

An image of automobile spare parts that were found by Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad. (ANI)

The cargo terminal of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi has been cordoned off by the security officials today after doubting suspicious material, according to ANI. The Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad has arrived on the spot, the news agency reported. After a through check it was found that the item was automobile spare parts and was declared negative by the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad, a per ANI. Earlier on July 24, panic gripped Delhi airport after a chemical leakage was noticed from one of the luggage in the aircraft’s belly, as per DNA report. Then immediately all cargo of the aircraft was seized after conducting more than three-hour-long drill, the substance was declared non-hazardous and was found to be a paint box.


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