Recession: Stallion offers affordable, reliable Changan SUV

By Favour Efughi

STALLION Motors Limited has announced a price offer of N7.9m for the new Changan CS35 entry-level sport utility vehicle to cater for a growing demand for vehicles in the compact SUV market segment. The bargain, according to the company, is aimed at assuaging disillusioned auto buffs that couldn’t contend with the current price surge of compact SUVs owing to economic downturn and successive Forex fluctuations.

While also citing spontaneous paradigm shift from C-segment sedan to B-segment cars, the company said the introduction of its affordably priced Changan CS35 entry level SUV would stem the tide and offer customers sustainable preference. Stallion Motors Limited (Changan Automobile Division) sales and marketing manager, Baimah Dan Miller, who made this assertion in Lagos said: “This rare movement wouldn’t have been glaring if customers have had access to functional SUV preferences such as the Changan CS35.”

Functional SUV preferences

He said the company has amplified its facility at the plant to expedite production of competitively priced CS35 SUV to inspire additional patrons and reposition the vehicle as customers’ preferred compact SUV. Changan has154 years industrial history with 32 years’ experience in building and selling passenger vehicles. It is currently ranked  number one among Chinese automobile brands with total sales volume of three million units annually.

“No fewer than 8,500 new Changan vehicles are sold daily with 6,000 sales and service facilities in more than 60 countries with 150,000 professional team members globally,” Mr. Miller affirmed. He described Changan as tech-savvy, investing extensively in advanced research and innovative technologies – a commitment that has reinforced its partnership with global R&D organizations.

“Changan R&D strength ranks number one in Chinese automobile industry for eight years and has benchmarked world’s leading companies with high standard laboratories averaging 16 fields,” he said.

The CS35 model is an outcome of advanced research and innovative technologies through the formation of global R&D (research and development) partnership agreements with renowned European, American and Japanese automakers, Mr. Miller added. The award winning compact SUV has also earned sequence of international design honors for styling and cutting edge environmentally-friendly design concepts.

In 2015, for instance, Changan won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, reaffirming Changan’s commitment to the advancement of technology and innovation through R&D. And like in most markets overseas, Changan CS35 is already relishing attractions of discerning auto buffs in Nigeria and promises to be competitively priced to enable more patrons have access to the vehicle.

A fashionable compact SUV with passion for high-quality driving experience, Mr. Miller said Changan is a perfect mix of advanced technologies that provide hi-tech, high quality and fashionable automobile products for customers. He said the ‘V’ logo, for example, epitomizes ‘Victory’ and ‘Value’, indicating Changan is committed to building world class automobile enterprise and creating value for customers.





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