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Healthcare is a crucial element in any community, and for residents in Memphis healthcare can be very limited.

The closest hospital is about 30 miles away, and the only health clinic is no longer open.

So whenever any type of low cost healthcare rolls through town, residents quickly take advantage of it. 

Who We Play For, the nations largest non-profit heart screening organization, spent the day at Memphis ISD and provided heart screenings. 

This is the second year this organization visited MISD, and the first time they branched out and offered ECG’s to residents.

School Nurse Kelli Maddox said this screening gives many members of the community a chance to receive medical care they otherwise would not have available. 

“Our community needs this so so badly. We are very under-served, and we have a lot of people who do not even have insurance,” Maddox said. “Our citizens can come in here and get an ECG for $20, unlike other offices which could charge close to $100 or more. This is just a great great program for not only our students, but also our community.”

Each ECG performed today will be analyzed by a doctor in Houston, and can detect anything from a genetic disorder, to a life threatening cardiac condition.

The goal for this organization is to screen as many students as possible.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of death for student athletes, and ECG’s, like the ones performed today, can and prevent these type of deaths.

Currently, 7th, 9th and 11th graders in Memphis must have physicals completed before entering the school year, but coaches said these type of doctor visits typically will not consist of an ECG.

“Our student athletes are extremely important, as well as all of our students,” superintendent and coach William Alexander said. “This ECG helps us screen any potential problems they might have that they may not find during a regular doctors physical.”

So far Who We Play For has visited a dozen Panhandle schools, and is working to help out more schools and students.

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