Q1 Aviation eyes innovation with drone technology

Q1 Aviation has announced the launch of a drone reseller program to be offered to enterprise level companies and flight schools.

“We are filling the void that our customers have demanded. The future is today,” said Carlos Santos, Q1 Aviation’s president.

Sales and marketing manager Vev Jackson explained: “We are taking a step in gearing our company towards innovation, and technology. With our various partnerships we will be able to offer flight schools and enterprise companies a UAV that will suit their operational needs.”

This service will bring a whole new revolution and improvement to the education sector. The company’s goal is to be customer oriented: to provide customers with high quality products, while meeting their unique and time-critical demands.

As one of Canada’s top 5 Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMO 47-11, EASA 145.7296), Q1 AVIATION is bridging the gap between technology and innovation. Q1 AVIATION is based steps away from Pearson International airport. The innovativeness of this company is tied to their highly professional team of experienced aircraft maintenance professionals.


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