Province Looks to Combat Number of Uninsured Drivers in Review

Combatting the growing number of uninsured drivers on the province’s roads is one of the issues being looked at as part of a provincial review of automobile insurance.

The news is full of stories of people with no insurance or registration and owing tens of thousands of dollars in fines, being pulled over by police.

Minister Eddie Joyce says suggestions have been made about changes to the way licence plates are issued, and it’s something they’re looking at very seriously.

He says while some people will always choose not to pay for insurance, lowering the rates may also help improve the situation.

Meanwhile, NDP MHA Lorraine Michael says the province should consider a public insurance system such as three other provinces have as a way to lower rates.

She says rates are lower in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The Insurance Brokers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador hopes the review will come up with ways to keep costs down. President-elect Jason Sharpe disagrees with suggestions that the industry is gouging people.


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