Poroshenko and Groysman note Ukrainian aviators’ contribution to world aircraft industry


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman have congratulated Ukrainian aviators on their professional holiday – the Day of Aviation of Ukraine.

“I sincerely congratulate Ukrainian aviators on their professional holiday. Thanks to you the whole world flies on Ukrainian wings, and Ukraine bears the proud title of an aviation state. I wish you prosperity, happiness and a cloudless sky above your head,” Poroshenko wrote on his Facebook page.

Groysman, in turn, noted the development of the aviation industry is one of the priorities of the Ukrainian government.

“After all, this is not only the growth of aircraft manufacturing, but also the building of transport potential and attraction of foreign investments,” the premier said.

Groysman noted Ukrainian aviation is a visiting card of the Ukrainian state on the global market.

“Aviation and aircraft building is the pride of the domestic industry, and the inventions of Ukrainians – from the first models of Ihor Sikorsky to the modern Ruslan and Mriya giant planes – are a separate landmark fund for the world heritage of aircraft building,” he said.


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