Podiatrist sentenced to prison for health care fraud

ST. LOUIS — A Chicago podiatrist has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison and ordered to pay nearly $7 million in restitution following his conviction for health care fraud.

Yev Gray was sentenced Tuesday in federal court in St. Louis. The 49-year-old doctor pleaded guilty in May to two felony charges.

Gray owned Chicago-based Aggeus Healthcare, which provided podiatry services at long-term care facilities in Missouri and 15 other states. Federal prosecutors say the company inserted diseases and symptoms that patients did not have into their medical records.

Gray also pressured Aggeus podiatrists to provide unneeded services, causing Medicare to pay millions of dollars on fraudulent claims.

Gray’s wife, Natalie Gray, is serving a one-year prison term for her role. The CEO and four Aggeus podiatrists are awaiting sentencing.


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