Pirelli Rolls Out New Rubber for Old Classics

Owning and driving vintage automobiles is cool, but finding new tires for your ride can be a bit of a challenge.

Pirelli feels your pain and now offers a dedicated tire range for classic and vintage car enthusiasts. Need period correct tires for your old Beetle or pampered Lamborghini Miura—they have you covered.

The Pirelli Collezione infuses technologically advanced compounds into classic tire sizes and are now available for models dating from the 1950s to the 1970s.

The new line of rubber combines new technology with old school looks that allows good performance for the street or track while still paying homage to your car’s roots.

Pirelli’s latest batch of black beauties includes a brand new size for the Cinturato CA67 tire (175 R400 89H) as an homage to Pirelli and Lancia Flaminia’s 60th anniversary, which this tire first equipped way back in 1957.

For the new range, Pirelli says its engineers used the same parameters as the vehicle engineers employed during the tire design process, researching the marque’s archives and original equipment.

“This was done to faithfully recreate the tire characteristics that complement each car’s original suspension set-up and dynamics, resulting in the ‘perfect fit’ tire for contemporary driving situations,” says the tire maker.

Tire tread compound conform to the latest environmental standards, yet still retain the original sidewall lettering to maintain authenticity down to the smallest details. Too cool.

Depending on your model the prices range from $236 to $473 per tire. Check out their website for more details and order a set for your daily driver or garage queen here.



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