PIA pilot, first officer’s license suspended over boarding passengers beyond limit

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) senior pilot and first officer’s flying license have been suspended by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) over carrying more passengers than its official limit on-board a PIA flight from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia in January.

Sources said that warning letters were also given to the terminal manager, flight supervisor and the ground staff over the issue.

CAA has given a letter of advice to the airhostess who informed the concerned authorities about the pilot and management.

Senior ilot Anwer Adil and First Officer Adeel Javed flew the plane in which many passengers were standing for over three-hours. Details stated that senior airhostess Hina Turab took the issue to the management.

A directive on the subject of “Finalisation of inquiry in incident PK 743 dated Jan 20, 2017” was raised by the aviation department several weeks ago which was later forwarded to the management of the national airliner.

“In pursuance of findings and consequent recommendations made in respect of inquiry conducted into PK 743 dated Jan 20, 2017, competent authority in exercise of powers vested under Rules 4 and 5 of Civil Aviation Rules, 1994, has ordered following for implementation with immediate effect.

“(a) Pilot license of Captain (Anwer Adil) be revoked for one year effective Jan 21, 2017.

“(b) Pilot licence of first officer (Adeel Javed) be revoked for three months effective three days after receipt of this letter.

“(c) Terminal manager Amjad Shah and flight supervisor Hidayatullah Shahani are issued with a letter of warning under intimation to the CAA.

“(d) Senior purser (Hina Turab) be awarded a letter of advice.

“Submitted for compliance and implementation under intimation to CAA,” adds the directive sent to the PIA’s director flight operations.

Sources further revealed that the aviation authority did some favour to Adil while directive has some discrepancies. Though the pilot’s licence has been revoked for a year, which became effective from one day after the date of incident that was August 30, he continued to fly for the company for months even after the incident and he was stopped from flying only a few weeks ago.

So, according to the paperwork, though his licence has been revoked for a year (till Jan 20, 2018) he will not be able to fly a PIA jet for a few months.

Meanwhile, the flying license of First Officer Adeel Javed’s has been canceled for three months “effective after three days of receipt of this letter”, so he would undergo the full three-month punishment.

Senior purser Hina Turab has been handed “a letter of advice”, which prohibits other junior employees to report the irregularities of their senior employees.

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Story first published: 25th September 2017


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