Pacific Aviation Museum brings America’s history during WWII to life

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor is bringing America’s history during WWII to life. The annual Living History Day is on September 23rd.
This morning on Wake Up 2day, Shauna Tonkin, Director of Education, Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor and Robin Lung, producer of “Finding Kukan” joined us in studio to talk about this year’s event.
“Living History Day provides something for everyone,” says Tonkin. “This year’s Living History Day recognizes the role of film and photography in documenting and preserving the events of WWII. In addition to screening ‘Finding Kukan’ we’ll have demos on how to preserve WWII-era and family photos and how to colorize black and white photographs. There will also be photography workshops, special displays and presentations by local students, costumed interpreters including WWII pilots, swing dance demonstrations, a scavenger hunt and open cockpits.”
Lung expressed why she thought it was important to do this film.
“Finding Kukan” is about a pioneer female filmmaker from Hawaii named Li Ling-Ai,” says Lung. “She produced an Oscar-winning film back in 1941 – a color documentary about World War II China called Kukan. Kukan was a landmark film that received the first ever Academy Award for a feature documentary, but it became lost over time. While researching Li Ling-Ai, I discovered a copy of Kukan. ‘Finding Kukan’ is about that discovery and the fascinating character I uncover Li Ling-Ai herself.”
Lung said she encountered some challenges along the way but hopes people will take a few messages home after viewing the documentary.
“I had a hard time finding information out about Li Ling-Ai because she had passed away in 2003 and I started my research in 2008,” says Lung. “Many of the questions I had couldn’t be definitively answered, and that was very frustrating. I hope viewers will come away from watching the movie with the realization that their own histories are important and worth documenting for future generations.”
Living History Day is on Saturday, September 23 from 9 am – 4:30 pm at Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.
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