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Opening Bell !

Updated at 10.08 AM

With an opening price of Rs. 1250.00 , Interglobe Aviation started the day after closing at a price of Rs.1242.35 yesterday.

Today’s opening price was observed to have increased 1250 points as compared to yesterday’s opening price.

Also, the previous day observed a day high of Rs. and a day low of Rs. .

As of Aug 14, 10:06 A.M. one stock of Interglobe Aviation was observed to be priced at Rs. 1269.85 with a change of 27.5(2.21%) points from the previous trade.

The volume weighted average price (vwap) was Rs.1261.51 and the bid-ask spread was -0.65 points.

With this Interglobe Aviation also provided a price band of Rs. 1,118.15 – 1,366.55 for the day.

Updated at 9.02 AM

The prices of Interglobe Aviation touched a high of Rs. which was 0 points more than the opening price after which it closed at Rs.1242.35 yesterday.

Also, the lowest price which was Rs. went 0 points lower than the opening price.

was the last recorded volume of the day with the 5 day average volume being , the 10 day average volume being and the 30 day average volume being stocks.

Compared to the previous day the 5 day average volume remained the same as yesterday’s stocks, 10 day average volume remained the same as yesterday’s stocks and 30 day average volume remained the same as yesterday’s stocks.


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