Opinion/Letter: Health care akin to natural disaster | Opinion

The recent flooding, destruction, and loss of life caused by a spate of hurricanes has created a series of national disasters — and, for those thousands of families who did not have flood insurance, a financial disaster.

Our federal government’s response to help those in need has been both swift and positive. Congress, including senators from all of the affected states, voted to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to help those affected by these disasters. We have come together to help our fellow citizens and neighbors to rebuild their homes and lives. That’s how we respond to a national disaster in the United States.

Now, please be reminded of all those faces we have seen on national news and in our state of Virginia who are silently confronting medical disasters. Don’t these fellow citizens and neighbors — some 400,000 in Virginia who would qualify for Medicaid if it were expanded — deserve affordable health care?

If Congress deems it to be in the national interest to use funds derived from its citizens to protect and/or restore our neighbors’ properties, then how about also helping protect our neighbors? It is past time that we set aside all of the chatter around Obamacare or Trumpcare and respond to a clear and present national disaster: health care.

Together let’s create WE CARE, a national and state health-care plan for all who are confronting medical disaster. That’s how we should respond to this national disaster.

Bob Knighton, Charlottesville


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