NXP and Changan Automobile cooperate on Infotainment

NXP Semiconductors has entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Changan Automobile. Headquartered in Chongqing (China), Changan is one of the first Chinese companies to achieve long-distance self-driving.

The long-term partnership is a multiphase engagement. The first phase is focused on excellence in infotainment, products, solutions and the development of industry standards for future vehicle semiconductors. In the second phase of the partnership, Changan will apply NXP’s Vehicle-to-x (V2X) communication, Near Field Communication (NFC) identification, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and joint R&D to further transform automobiles into mobile information hubs.

Changan has built its infotainment system around NXP’s family of i.MX application processors. According to the agreement, Changan will now upgrade its systems to NXP’s next-generation i.MX 8 processors and will also apply the Dirana family of car radio tuners and DSPs (SAF775x), audio amplifiers, power management ICs and CAN transceivers.

Li Wei, Changan Automobile vice president: “Changan Automobile is a true pioneer in smart connected cars. Seven years ago, we began research and development, constantly promoting cross-border cooperation in key vehicle domains. As the leader in vehicle electronics, NXP has the best technology and R&D resources. With this long-term strategic partnership, Changan Automobile will take a major step forward in establishing itself as an innovation leader the Chinese automobile industry.”


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