Nurses make it happen in health care

The annual NEA Symposium was held last week. Here are Ms Tryphina Skhosana (additional member), Ms Yolanda Möller (secretary) and Ms Zodwo Mphego (chairman).

The third annual NEA Symposium in Mpumalanga under the leadership of Ms Zodwa Mphego, was held in Bethal last week.

Ms Mphego is the chairman of the association.

“Some call this event a Festival of Great Ideas championed by great speakers from universities and the Health Department,” she said.

This year’s theme was Make it Happen in Health Care.

Topics were innovative leadership, achieving sustainable development goals and fueling a research culture in health care.

The main aim of the event is for professionals to share ideas and to champion excellence in nursing education and health through collaboration with other stakeholders in health.


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