Nextant To Offer Safe Flight Autothrottle on 604XT

Aircraft remanufacturing specialist Nextant Aerospace has announced that the Safe Flight AutoPower automatic throttle system will be available as an option on its Challenger 604XT, which features the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion cockpit.

The system provides “takeoff-to-touchdown power-management capability for the aircraft, which not only improves overall efficiency, [but also] reduces pilot workload in critical segments of flight. This helps to further improve the overall safety of the new cockpit solution,” stated Ken Bannon, Safe Flight’s director of commercial and corporate sales. “In addition to precise speed control, the AutoPower system provides flight envelope and speed protection.”

Nextant, through its Constant Aviation subsidiary, is offering the upgrade to 604 customers at a price of $199,950 for a limited time when installed with the Pro Line Fusion suite. “Nextant’s goal has always been to provide the best overall value proposition in the industry, and the announcement by our companies to offer this great feature at a price under $200K shows our commitment to that goal,” said Nextant executive vice president Jay Heublein.

For Challenger 604 owners who already have the Safe Flight autothrottle system modification—approximately 40 percent of the fleet, according to Heublein—Nextant will offer an exclusive integration pathway with the upgrade to the Fusion cockpit.


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