Newest GOP health care plan would still leave 22M uninsured

WASHINGTON – The newest Senate GOP health care plan would still leave 22 million fewer people without insurance over the decade than under ObamaCare — the exact same estimate as the original proposal.

The revised plan would reduce the federal deficit by $420 billion over a decade, compared to $321 billion in the original plan, the Congressional Budget Office reported Thursday.

The impact on premiums are “similar” to the previous report, which found average premiums would increase until 2020, but after that would be 30 percent lower than under the current law.

Older people, however, would face steeper healthcare premiums because they could be charged up to five-times more compared to 21-year-olds; that’s up from three times as much now.

A day earlier, the CBO found a repeal-only plan would mean 32 million fewer people uninsured and a doubling of premiums by 2026. It would cut the deficit by $473 billion.

Both plans have failed to get enough support from the Senate Republican caucus to pass, but Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is still planning a vote next week to get senators on the record.


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