New videos reveal peoples’ experience of aircraft noise misery (From Local Berkshire)

Anti-aircraft noise group HACAN has released a series of videos in which people explain the impact of aircraft noise from Heathrow on their daily lives right now.

It has been released to coincide with the Government launching its own vision for the future of aviation, which envisages significant growth over the coming decades.

The videos are available to view on and feature 12 residents, some living more than 20 miles from the airport outlining the way that the noise has come to dominate their lives.

John Stewart, the chair of HACAN, said: “The Government is right to prepare for a growth in aviation as more people will want to fly as the world becomes richer but it is essential that residents’ concerns are central to any plans for future growth. “Today we have released a series of videos which show how badly affected people can be today. The situation will become unbearable if growth is not accompanied by measures to protect communities under the flight paths.”

The Government is asking for comments on its future aviation plans by October.


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