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Barry Randolph, the retiring president and CEO of Wood and Huston Bank, shakes hands with his successor, Mark Thompson.


A leadership change has taken place at Wood & Huston Bank. After 19 years of service to the bank and 37 years in the banking industry overall, Barry Randolph has retired as president and CEO of Wood and Huston Bank.

Mark Thompson, the bank’s executive vice president and CFO, was appointed as Randolph’s successor.

Wood and Huston bank has branches and service locations throughout Missouri. The bank has served Cape Girardeau since 1981 and Jackson since 2006.

Randolph joined Wood and Huston Bank as president of the West Plains, Missouri, branch. After more than three years there, he moved on to become head of the Wood and Huston Cape Girardeau banking center. Six years later, he become president and CEO of the bank.

“I remember like it was yesterday when I received a call from John Huston asking me to meet with him to discuss my accepting the position of president and CEO,” Randolph said in a news release. “That decision has proven to be one of the best I have ever made in my banking career. I can’t begin to say enough about the Huston family and the opportunity that I have been given to lead this great organization over the past 10 years.”

Under Randolph, Wood and Huston Bank’s total loans have grown over 69 percent. Total deposits have increased 60 percent, and assets have grown over 67 percent.

Mark Thompson is the bank’s new president and CEO. He joined the bank in 2008 with 30 years of experience in finance, serving as chief financial officer of portfolio companies Fortress Investment Group LLC and D.E. Shaw Group.

Thompson will be based in Marshall, Missouri, where the bank’s headquarters are. He will visit Southeast Missouri regularly, he said, working with customers and with Clint Karnes, the Cape Girardeau and Jackson community bank president.

Thompson said much will remain the same as he serves as CEO and president.

“Service levels will remain at our high standard,” Thompson said in an email. “The Bank is focused on customer service.”

But Thompson also intends to see Wood and Huston expand its electronic offerings, including the recently launched extension of its existing internet and mobile banking services to include smartwatch technology.

“Along with our management team and all our employees here at Wood & Huston, I look forward to carrying forth the long tradition of making our customers our top priority,” Thompson said in an email. “And [I] look forward to growing our personal and business banking customer relationships in the Cape Girardeau and Jackson communities.”

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