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A subsidiary of Mercy Flight now is the Canandaigua Airport’s fixed-base operator.

CANANDAIGUA — Not even a month into a new venture, and already the Canandaigua Airport’s fixed-base operator may be part of setting a record.

Aircraft fuel sales are soaring, according to Jeffrey Bartkoski, president and CEO of Mercy Flight Central.

“It’s shaping up as one of the busiest months for fuel sales,” Bartkoski said. “That’s great. It means more people are using the airport.”

As of July 6, MFC Aviation Services LLC, which is a division of Mercy Flight, took over the FBO role, providing services to aircraft, crews and passengers at the airport on Brickyard Road.

Canandaigua Air Center, which had been the FBO for years, will now concentrate on its core repair and maintenance business, according to Ontario County Economic Director Mike Manikowski.

Those jobs will be retained, Manikowski said. MFC Aviation also expects to hire up to five new employees initially, some of whom have started already.

“This ups our game for services,” Manikowski said. “And new people are hired and no jobs are lost.”

The FBO provides aviation fuel, aircraft parking and services such as ground power units and oxygen servicing for aircraft. Also, a lounge is available for crews and support for flight planning, cargo and baggage handling is provided as is a waiting area for passengers and rental car availability.

The coordination of catering, specialized aircraft maintenance and hangar space also are among the services provided.

Manikowski said services can be waiting for the passengers and crew of the mid-size charter and corporate jet aircraft that use the airport, whether late at night or early in the morning.

MFC Aviation workers are available onsite 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, and staff also is available on an on-call basis.

“We’re trying to step up the level of service,” Bartkoski said.

Another benefit: Net proceeds from the Mercy Flight subsidiary will be directed back to the nonprofit air ambulance operation, with the community benefitting from an economic development standpoint and the emergency medical service provided by Mercy Flight helicopters, Bartkoski said.

“It really is a big deal, and not just for us,” Bartkoski said.




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