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NASA Offers Free Aviation E-books

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August is traditionally vacation month for many U.S. families, so in case you find yourself with some extra time or maybe a rainy day at the beach, you can be prepared by downloading a broad selection of aviation-themed e-books for free, courtesy of NASA. The books include historical accounts of the development of unique aircraft like the U-2 spy plane and the F-16XL fighter jet; a comprehensive history of NASA research planes; the X-31 experimental aircraft; or the F-18, which was flown to test “aeroelastic” wings. Other selections feature sonic-boom experiments, the X-15, the development of aviation pressure suits, and lots more.

All of the books can be downloaded free at the NASA website for use on Kindle or other ebook readers. If you don’t use an ebook device, the books also can be dowloaded and printed out as PDF files.


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