Middle Georgia State gets permanent airspace for aviation school

Middle Georgia State University has big news for two of its programs.

The School of Aviation has created its first permanent protective airspace box, with approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. This provides the school with a specific area in the sky where students can practice emergency maneuvers. The airspace box is four miles from the school’s Eastman campus and is about two miles long and one mile wide.

When students and instructors fly to “the box,” controllers in Atlanta and Jacksonville will direct air traffic around their airspace.

“That increases safety for us because it’s very hard to keep track of traffic when your airplane is rolling rapidly, or if you are going vertical,” said Gene Behrends, assistant chief pilot for the aviation school.

In addition, the nursing master’s degree program at Middle Georgia State has earned initial accreditation. Graduates can now become board certified by the American Nurse Credentialing Center.

The master’s degree program was started in January 2016 and has 26 registered nurses currently enrolled.


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